Platform Update 10.0.31

New features

New features become available with platform update 10.0.31,  called „February release“. Here is our personal selection of the most interesting improvements. Happy reading!

General availability (self-update): 13.01.2023
See also service update availability for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations app.

Platform Update

Cross-company data sharing overview

Cross-company data sharing concept allows you to share company specific master, reference, and setup data across companies within finance and operations deployment.

Two data sharing concepts are available:

  • Duplicate record sharing (DRS) is a concept where creating, updating, or deleting of records in for any company in the policy is copied/replicated across all companies in the policy. Updates of fields will also be replicated if selected for sharing in the policy. DRS was the first sharing type made available.
  • Master company sharing, also known as single record sharing (SRS), is a concept where a single physical record belonging to a master company is virtually shared across child companies. Create, update, or delete in any company in the policy will update the single records used across all companies. Master company sharing is currently in preview.

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Automate ledger settlements process

The automation of ledger settlement uses the Process automation framework to define matching rules and the schedule that they will be run on. You can define matching criteria such as the posting type and financial dimensions.

Supply Chain Management


Source products and materials from multiple vendors

Diversification of the supply network helps businesses be agile and respond to changes. One of the most common ways to diversify is to divide the supply of a specific product among different vendors by assigning a supply percentage to each of them. For example, if one of your products has both a main vendor and a secondary vendor, the usual split might be 80/20 or 70/30. Alternatively, you might divide equally among three different vendors in a 33/33/34 split.

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Supply risk assessment overview

Supply risk assessment for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management lets you identify supply risks, so that you can act to help prevent supply chain disruptions.

The Supply risk assessment workspace, together with the supplier performance and risk analysis reports, helps supply managers understand the risk of encountering sourcing shortages and delays. It enables businesses to take proactive actions to balance cost and resilience when they optimize their supply chains.

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Warehouse management

Configure detours for steps in mobile device menu items

This article describes how to configure detours for menu items so that workers can „park“ the current task, perform another task, and then return to the original task without losing any information.

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Guided warehouse implementation experience

The new rapid implementation and configuration experience dramatically reduces the implementation time and cost of setting up warehouse operations in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. In many cases, warehouse professionals will be able to set up, maintain, and optimize the configuration without assistance from specialized consultants.

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Get started with setting up the Warehouse management module

Monitor Warehouse Management usage and performance

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management emits telemetry data for various Warehouse Management activities and operations, including both the Supply Chain Management tenant and the Warehouse Management mobile app. Telemetry data helps provide insight into the activities and general health of your tenants and devices, so that you can diagnose problems and analyze operations that affect performance. Telemetry data is collected and processed by using Application Insights, an Azure service that’s optimized for this purpose.

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Pack shipments with the Warehouse Management mobile app

Businesses that ship large items or have large packing areas will benefit from this mobile packing experience. The Warehouse Management mobile app now provides warehouse workers with the freedom to move around while performing their packing activities.

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Product information management

Display product info in user’s language

For companies operating worldwide, in multiple countries or regions, it’s important to enable each user to work with product information in their own language. Sales representatives communicating with customers by phone will see product names in their local language. Purchasers will be able to search for products in the language they speak. Shop floor workers will get product names and instructions in familiar terms. In each case, the information can be shown in a language other than the system language.

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Create purchase orders from POS

Improved inbound inventory operation in point of sale (POS) app to allow users to create, edit, and confirm purchase order requests.

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Store Commerce app

This article explains how to set up and configure the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce Store Commerce app for Windows. It applies to Dynamics 365 Commerce versions 10.0.25 and later.

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The Store Commerce app is also available for the Android and iOS platforms. For more information, see Store Commerce for mobile.

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