Platform Update 10.0.30

New features

New features become available with platform update 10.0.30,  called „November release“. Here is our personal selection of the most interesting improvements. Happy reading!

General availability (self-update): 21.10.2022
See also service update availability for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations app.

Cross application

Standardize keyboard interaction for combo box and lookup controls

With this feature, a targeted adjustment has been made to the keyboard interaction for combo box and lookup controls to align more closely with other Dynamics 365 products. Specifically, the behavior of the Enter key has been modified so that it opens the dropdown list when these controls are editable, making it easier for users to get to the list of available values. Pressing Enter when the dropdown list is open will continue to select the current value and close the dropdown list.

Additionally, starting in version 10.0.30, this feature also changes to align the behavior of the Enter key regarding triggering hyperlinks. With this feature enabled, pressing Enter will cause hyperlinks to trigger when focus is in read-only or view mode controls. Ctrl+Enter will continue to be a consistent shortcut for triggering hyperlinks regardless of field state, but especially for editable fields.

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Supply Chain Management

Multi-level detours for the Warehouse Management mobile app

Configure detours for steps in mobile device menu items.

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On-hand information in production orders to release page

Adds a column for the on-hand inventory quantity for the line item in the lines section on the Production orders to release page.


Enable self-serve diagnosis capabilities for POS sign-in

This feature provides self-serve diagnosis capabilities in point of sale (POS) and Commerce headquarters to help store employees and managers quickly identify and fix the root causes of POS sign-in issues.

– The failure messages shown on the POS sign-in screen were improved to provide concrete root cause information that can help store employees who use POS understand what went wrong so they can perform necessary actions to solve the issue.

– A Test logon function is available on the Workers page in Commerce headquarters so that store managers who set up POS devices can simulate POS sign-in. In the case of a sign-in failure, this function provides actionable troubleshooting guides so managers can check relevant configurations, correct issues, and validate the fixes.

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