Exchange Sync

Synchronization is necessary for the use of Microsoft Dynamics 365 on your company computer and the mobile app on a location-independent device. Exchange Sync from Microsoft gives you the possibility to connect your e-mail traffic and messaging entries with the standard system. Synchronization requires know-how, core competence and practical experience. With us you are well advised and can be sure that we will configure the error-free function and optimize your access security from all end devices.

With Exchange Sync you synchronize all areas in the ERP system. You can make various configurations manually, or choose to have all features automatically synchronized. It is important that no errors occur in this complex area of ​​your company IT and that there are no security or functional gaps. Your ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an object-related and widely applicable system for managing your business processes. With Exchange Sync, you can bring the features and functions of your computer to your smartphone or business tablet.

Appointments, popup servers and mailbox management as well as resource usage can also be implemented with Exchange Sync. We would be happy to advise you on the advantages of Exchange Sync and are your IT service provider when it comes to synchronizing your end devices in business. Due to different synchronization paths, the decision for the right path is not always easy.

You do not have to take care of this complex task yourself with our assignment.

We offer you a comprehensive service including non-binding advice on the product and its use. If you are new to Microsoft Dynamics 365 or to install the mobile app, we recommend that you work directly with Exchange Sync and ensure performance across devices. Before synchronization, we advise you to check the version of Dynamics and, if necessary, upgrade to the latest version.

Any questions? Contact us and look forward to professional advice, full service support and expertise from the experienced IT service provider axperience in Switzerland.