Ever since the version AX 2012, the warehouse employees that use the WHS module have access to mobile apps. These apps can be used to monitor and understand the logistics processes. Dynamics 365 runs in the browser and thus on all mobile devices. In addition to this we developed applications for earlier AX versions and for other areas early on in order to support the user in the processes.


his iOS based mobile app is constantly being developed and supports the sales representative in his work. The app is optimized for iPhones and iPads, offers a variety of query and input options and is relatively easy to work with. Here are some of the functionalities:

  • Information about customers, contact persons, suppliers
    o Open items
    o Statistics
    o Order items, offers, invoices
    o Preview of the documents as PDF
  • Addition of basic data such as e-mail, telephone. Capture and deactivate contact persons or accounts receivable.
  • Capture visitor reports and other activities.
  • Confirm offers.
  • Use of standard functions such as Google Maps navigation, calls, emails etc.
  • Find customers nearby.
  • Company statistics by product groups, customer groups, years etc.

The CRM iOS app can also be used for logistics purposes, as an information terminal in a retail store or for other processes.


A significantly larger range of devices is available on the Android platform.

Equipped with scanners, this app is mainly used where the WHS app is not available or in areas where the process is not covered. 

Here are some of the functions already implemented, that are also available for Dynamcis 365 since the Version AX 2009:

  • Product or storage location information: by scanning the product or the storage space, the associated information is displayed. If necessary, information or images can also be recorded and stored in the product description. 
  • Stock transfers: supports the stock transfer from one storage unit to another storage unit and enters them online in the warehouse management.
  • Picking processes: offers the WHS functions for users who do not use the WHS module.
  • Track & Trace: loading and unloading by scanning the parcels, evidence photos, signature … supports the chauffeur and reports the data directly to the ERP or even further directly to the customer.
  • Store sale: acceptance of a signature as confirmation of receipt of the goods and storage of the signature as an image on the delivery note.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM app for your company

Does the mobile app fit your company? There are no two opinions here. The digital age requires that you are mobile and that you can conduct business wherever you are. The mobile Dynamics 365 app supports you and offers you the security that you already know from the stationary ERP system in your company.

The advantages are obvious:

  • You can access the cloud and your business data from anywhere.
  • You increase your performance and your ability to act.
  • Thanks to the mobile app, you can react to unusual situations ad hoc.

A good product needs good and detailed consultation. We are happy to explain the advantages of the Mobile App for Dynamics 365 in more detail. It would be our pleasure to carry out the installation in your company and to be your contact regarding all the questions about the access authorization, the usage and the configuration of the application.