Formpipe Lasernet

Formpipe Lasernet has been playing a key role in the global input, output and document management market for more than 15 years. Simplest operation makes it possible for even end customers to use Laser Set to create reports themselves, to print them, to send them as PDF files or to archive them.

The innovative Enterprise Output Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides visually appealing business documents without the use of external tools. Your choice of the AX add-on tool Lasernet by Formpipe has many advantages and is characterized by the simplicity of designing, transforming and distributing all inbound and outbound business documents. Different electronic formats are included in the certified Microsoft solution as well as the professional charisma that your communication with the tool adopts.

Get complete control over the design, design, and development of business documents and reports. Lasernet is an innovation that saves you a lot of time and money in preparation and processing. You would like to learn more about Lasernet and optimize your Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system? Then contact us for a personal consultation.