Docentric Advanced Reporting

Create your reports, forms and documents in MS Word. Improved emailing, printing and archiving with Docentric.

Customization of some key reports such as invoices, orders and packing slips proves to be unexpectedly costly and limited in design, performance and print management. Docentric not only enables much better use of such business documents but also allows end-users to design them by themselves, utilizing the most powerful report designer they already know and love – MS Word.

By using MS Word as a report designer you will:

  • Use all Word’s awesome features such as tables, bullets, images, styles and layout options.
  • Automate not only your invoices and orders but also contracts, HR documents, product data sheets and labels with 1D/2D barcodes.
  • Achieve a unified professional look of all your business documents companywide.
  • Have a superior support for multilingual reports.
  • Update report designs in production, right from within your Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

On top of that, rest assured that with Docentric you will gain:

  • Ten times faster report customization, significantly reducing your costs.
  • Much better report viewer that also works in on-premises environments.
  • Greatly improved report distribution: emailing, printing and archiving reports.
Download, install and instantly use enhanced print destinations and modern Docentric’s designs for the most common reports such as invoices and orders.